Hey, I’m Ramzi.

I’m a web designer and developer, photographer, videographer, print designer, and more.

Currently I’m the web guy for Chicago magazine, and have also just finished Northwestern University’s fullstack coding bootcamp (learning Node, React, Mongo, MySQL and more). Here's my Github.

Here’s some of my recent editorial web design, which won a national award from the City and Regional Magazine Association:

In class at Northwestern, I’ve built a small web app (along with other projects, all on my Github):


Built as a MERN app (latest version)

Built as a basic app

An application for sharing small code snippets (basically a simpler and less visual version of Codepen). Initially built with Node, Express and Sequelize, and upgraded to be a full React app using GraphQL for queries and Material Design for the UI. Log in to view/add boilerplates and tags.

Here are some clients I've worked with on a freelance basis (if you care about that kind of thing): ConAgra, Avant, Rag & Bone, Printavo, The Chicago Community Trust, ADA25, KNSTRCT, Chicago Public Schools, Mariano’s, Dalhousie University ...and more!

You can reach me by email at ramzi@rkdvisuals.com, or download a copy of my resumé here.